Modular Mates Square II (2) 2.6L

Modular Mates Square II (2) 2.6L

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MYR 90.80

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  • Virtually airtight seal keeps food fresh, and keeps pest aways and contamination of food reducing food spoilage. 
  • Save time, Save money & Save space by always ensuring your food in the pantry is fresh by labeling it with an expiry date. Arrange food with the earliest expiration dates at the front of the shelves. 
  • Easily stackable to maximize storage space.

  • To seal, align projection on the seal with an indentation on the Tupperware.  Then press thumbs around the seal.
  • To remove the seal, loosen each corner and slide thumbs under the seal as you lift.

  • Clear Window allows you to identify the contents easily.

  • Tabs for easy opening.
18.8cm (L) x 18.8cm (W) x 11.7cm (H)

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