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My First FreezerMate Set *¹⁹


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Tupperware FreezerMates provides the perfect solution to save freezer space and extends the life of food by sealing in freshness and reducing contamination. Large, medium or small there is a size for every need! Set comprises of:
  1. FreezerMate Small I (1) 250ml
  2. FreezerMate Small II (1) 650ml
  3. FreezerMate Small III (1) 1.0L
  4. FreezerMate Junior II (2) 300ml
  5. Gift box 
250ml, 300ml, 650ml, 1.0L
FreezerMate Small I (1) 250ml - 14.3cm (L) x 11.0cm (W) x 3.9cm (H) FreezerMate Small II (1) 650ml - 14.3cm (L) x 11.0cm (W) x 7.7cm (H) FreezerMate Small III (1) 1.0L - 14.3cm (L) x 11.0cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) FreezerMate Junior II (2) 300ml - 11.2cm (L) x 7.4cm (W) x 7.7cm (H)